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Mellanox Socket网卡

Mellanox Socket Direct™ Adapters

For Maximized Data Center Performance & Higher ROI

By providing direct PCIe access to dual CPU sockets, Mellanox's innovative Socket Direct™ Network Adapters eliminate the need for network traffic to go over the inter-process bus, thus optimizing overall system performance.

With Socket Direct - Eliminate Traffic Bottlenecks

With its unique form-factor, the Socket Direct network adapter is comprised of two PCIe cards and a harness, wherein the PCIe lanes are split between the two cards. The Socket Direct adapters enable both CPUs within a dual-socket server to connect directly to the network, each through its own dedicated PCIe interface. The result is extremely low latency and CPU utilization in addition to higher network throughput. Socket Direct also maximizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning application performance, as it enables native GPU-Direct Technologies.

Flexible Data Speed Options

  • ConnectX-6 Socket Direct cards enabling HDR 200Gb/s and 200GbE ports over two PCIe Gen3 x16 slots.
  • ConnectX-5 Socket Direct cards providing EDR 100Gb/s and 100GbE transmission rate over two PCIe Gen3 x8 slots.

Best Performance – And Easy to Manage

The Socket Direct PCIe stand-up adapter can be connected to a BMC using MCTP over SMBus, or MCTP over PCIe, similar to a standard Mellanox PCIe stand-up adapter. The adapter also can be configured transparently per the server’s specific manageability solution.