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Mellanox NEO™ Host

Network Adapter Management Software 

Mellanox NEO-Host is a powerful solution for orchestration and management of host networking. NEO-Host allows data-center operators to configure, monitor, and operate high-speed server Ethernet and InfiniBand network adapters. It simplifies deployment and operations of data-center networking, provides deep visibility into host configuration, and optimizes performance. 

Mellanox NEO-Host offers a comprehensive set of JSON-based APIs. To allow easy integration with ad-hoc management systems on top of the JSON commands, Mellanox NEO-Host enables the use of an SDK to send commands via scripting languages. 

NEO-Host can be integrated with the flagship Mellanox NEO™ platform by deploying NEO-Host on Linux and Windows hosts managed by NEO. 

Built on a robust software infrastructure, NEO-Host addresses key challenges related to host networking in the data center, including: 

  • In-depth Visibility into Host Networking - NEO-Host provides comprehensive information on Mellanox's adapter cards installed in a host. This information is presented in a top-down hierarchal model, to streamline adapter management and monitoring tasks.
  • Adapter Configuration Management – NEO-Host supports configuration of various adapter software and hardware features, including but not limited to SR-IOV, PXE, RoCE, QoS, LLDP, and others. The GUI application is designed to simplify configuration and tuning of advanced adapter settings.
  • Adapter Software Management – NEO-Host enables management and upgrade of firmware images on Mellanox adapters, to enable additional features and address issues as they arise.
  • Advanced Diagnostics –NEO-Host allows for collecting advanced system and adapter diagnostics, allowing to enhance system and applications uptime, and to quickly recover in case of network issues.
  • Performance Monitoring – NEO-Host enables monitoring of adapter performance to achieve high-performance data-center networking, and address issues as they arise.
  • Enhanced Network Automation – NEO-Host’s JSON-based APIs and SDK offer a rich set of features through application programming and enhanced network automation.
  • NEO Platform Integration – The NEO platform is seamlessly integrated with NEO-Host. The NEO Platform features a centralized solution of NEO-Host for servers that are operated with Mellanox ConnectX® family adapters. NEO utilizes the NEO-Host APIs to offer deep host networking visibility, and a rich set of control functions.